Slalom Course

Slalom Course Information for Boaters

We, The Lake Mohawk Water Ski Club, do everything we can to make sure our membership is courteous to other boaters, In return we hope LMPOA members & their guests will return the favor & respect the slalom course by following these simple guidelines.

Loose / Floating Balls

  • If you see a loose ball, please do not re-attach it to the course. Only our members (who have been trained) should be the only people putting balls back on the course.
  • Please note there is water in some of the buoys. This is intentional & makes them float lower in the water. Please return them to the address below and don’t think they are leakers!
  • Please do not throw them away!
  • Please return any floating/loose slalom balls to:  LOT # 1010/68 W. Mohawk Dr. or LOT # 439/168 Cheyenne Trl.

Operating your boat in the course

  • Use of an Approved Inboard Ski Boat is highly recommended.
  • Please do not attempt to pull a slalom skier with an Inboard/Outboard or Pontoon Boat.
  • Please do not pull tubes through the course.
  • Please do not surf in the course
  • Please do not operate a PWC in the slalom course
  • Please do not pull hydrofoils (Sky Ski*Air Chair) in the course.
  • Please do not anchor in the course.
  • Please do not turn your boat around and drag the rope around a ball.
  • Please let your boat settle in the water before turning around and idle back to your skier.

Slalom Course Information for Skiers

Most people never get the chance to even try a slalom course since most slalom courses are located on private lakes. Learning how to go through a slalom course will help you with every other waterski discipline. Learning to get through the course takes time and dedication, its not easy. If you want help please contact any of our board members.